martes, 17 de abril de 2007

viernes, 13 de abril de 2007

nairobis rincon.... INTRODUCTION

Hello, i'm Nairobis Rincon....

I study Mass Media at URBE in section S211.

welcome to my page...
unit. 15 where are you born!

I'm Nairobis Rincon, I was born Maracaibo in 1989 , I live Sierra Maestra.
My habilities is sleep and dancing.
my graduation to bachelor in science. 2005
I'm to begind studied Mass Media at URBE in September 2006
In the present... 2nd student at Urbe, Mass Media...
unit. 14 Did you have a good weekend.

on friday nigth, I visited some friend
we ate pizza in pizza hut.

on saturday morning, I felt bad.. I had to fever.
on saturday afternoon, I watched TV and went to the cyber.
on saturday nigth, I visited your family it's my boyfriend.

on monday morning, I studied History... very bad!!!
In the afternoon, my family complete visited Merida Restaurant.
at nigth, my boyfriend and I ate Ice Cream and watched a TV

my last weekend was very good and great.
unit. 13 you can't miss it.

Al's Coffe Shop is on Second Avenue, next to the shoe store.
The Regency Movie Theater is on Park Street, across from the park.
There's a bank is next to the departament store.
There's a brugstore on Second Avenue. it's behind main and center.
There's a gas station behind first avenue and center street.
unit. 12 what's the matter?

I sick!!!!

nai: hello
I have a Stomachache, headache and fever.
nai: ok, perfect. thank's friend.
nai: of course.
nai: are you sure.
nai: I have a headache, stomachache and fever
nai: ok, thank's bye
nai: hello, good morning.
nai: I need this medice. do you have it!!!
nay: ok thank's.